Justin From Ohio




Interviewer - Hi, can you state your name?

Justin - I'm Justin, an interactive designer from Cleveland, Ohio.

Interviewer - How'd you get your start in this?

Justin - When I got sick of sleeping in Wal-Mart parking lots with my band, I stumbled upon After Effects and it was wonderful.

Interviewer - Wow, that sounds interesting. Tell us a little bit more about your career.

Justin - Well, once I got into After Effects, I said to myself "Hey, you should look in to that Cinema 4D" and boy was that fun to learn. Now I enjoy creating a wide variety of pieces from interactive, print, and video. Really anything that has some motion or 3D I'm down for.

Interviewer - Well isn't that nice. Any closing words?

Justin - I would like to thank my wife and three cats (Danzig, Henry, and Carl). Feel free to contact me for freelance or to grab some coffee and donuts.

this may or may not have been a real interview, you can decide. 

CV available upon request.

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